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21. M. Soliman, J. Vachon, E. Poulet, E. Dalcanale, R. Pinalli, D. Menozzi, I. Alfieri, A. Lorenzi :
Process for the preparation of oxygen barrier film
WO 2020-221589 (filed 05.11.2020). Application number PCT/EP2020/060655
20. J. Vachon; M. Soliman; A. Zych; E. Dalcanale, R. Pinalli:
Semi-crystalline silyl ether based vitrimers, methods of making and uses thereof
WO 2020-202071 A1 (filed 02.04.2020). Application Number PCT/IB2020/053157.
19. E. Dalcanale, A. Devi Das, R. Pinalli, P. Gherardi:
Self-diagnostic epoxy resin
WO 2020-165011 A1 (filed 20.08.2020). Priority 12.02.2019.
18. J. Vachon, P. Neuteboom, R. Pinalli, J. Tellers, M. Soliman, E. Dalcanale:
Polyolefin terpolymers, vitrimers made therefrom, and method of making the polyolefin terpolymers and vitrimers
WO 2020-115662 A1 (filed 11.06.2020). Priority 04.12.2018.
17. J. Vachon, E. Poulet, M. Soliman, A. Zych, E. Dalcanale, R. Pinalli, J. Tellers:
Gas barrier film and film preparation
WO 2019091615 (filed 29.06.2017). Priority 14.11.2017.
16. L. Prins, S. Neri, E. Dalcanale, R. Pinalli:
Method for detecting small molecules by means of monolayer protected gold nanoparticles
WO 108913 A1 (filed 29.06.2017). Priority 21.12.2015.
15. J. W. Trzcinski, F. Bianchi, R. Pinalli, C. Massera, E. Dalcanale:
Rigid quinoxaline cavitands as molecular receptors for the detection of aromatic compounds in air.
EP 2,924,041 (filed 25.03.2015). Priority 27.03.2014
14. P. Gherardi, M. Busi, E. Dalcanale, F. Guiduzzi, R. M. Yebeutchou:
Method of in situ repair (relining) of pipes or conduits with latent hardeners
EP 2,410,230 (filed 17.07.2013). Priority 19.07.2010.
13. S. Torella, E. Dalcanale, F. Longobardo, A. Visconti, M. Suman, R. Ranieri:
Tetraphosphonate cavitands as molecular receptors in mass sensors for gases and method for determining phosphine by using said sensors
EP 1873161 (filed 02.01.2008) Priority 30.06.2006.
12. D. K. Shenoy, E. B. Feresenbet, E. Dalcanale, S. M. Daly:
Cavitands for Chemical Vapor Sensing
US 7, 531, 359 (filed 12.05.2009). Priority 1.03.2006
11. E. Dalcanale, S. Willems, M. Busi, D.K. Shenoy:
Synthetic Nanopores for DNA Sequencing
US 7, 504, 505 (filed 17.03.2009). Priority 28.02.2005.
10. E. Dalcanale, L. Pirondini, D. Moiani:
Sensori di massa a base di cavitandi fosfonati
Italian Patent IT 1, 359, 008 assigned 16.09.2009 (filed 20.07.2004).
9. E. Santoro, L. Canova, E. Dalcanale, S. Bonsignore, P. Falchi:
Composition of Refinery Hydrocarbons Endowed with Improved Fluidity at Low Temperatures Containing Metacyclophanes
US 5,171,330 (filed 15.12.1992). Priority 8.6.1990 (IT 20596 A/90). EP 461,554.
8. E. Dalcanale, S. Bonsignore, G. Cometti, G. Guglielmetti, A. Du vosel:
Mixtures of Pyramidal Columnar Liquid Crystals and Procedure for their Preparation
EP 431,934 (filed 6.12.1990). Priority 6.12.1989 (IT 2,264,189).
7. P. Soncini, E. Dalcanale, G. Costantini:
Processo per l'estrazione da fluidi di microinquinanti organici, utilizzando macrocicli sintetici riattivabili
Italian Patent IT 1,237,521 (filed 28.11.89).
6. E. Dalcanale, S. Bonsignore, G. Cometti, A. Du vosel, P. Soncini, G. Guglielmetti:
Ferroelectric, Pyramidal Liquid Crystals
EP 405,516 (filed 28.6.1990). Priority 28.6.1989 (IT 1,230,943).
5. E. Dalcanale, S. Bonsignore, A. Du vosel:
Process for Recovering Lactic Acid from Solutions which Contain it
US 5,089,664 (filed 18.2.1992). Priority 22.12.1988 (IT 1,227,895). (EP 375,463).
4. E. Dalcanale, S.Bonsignore, G. Cometti, A. Du vosel:
Pyramidal Liquid Crystals
EP 350,842 (filed 11.7.1989). Priority 11.7.1988 (IT 1,226,547).
3. E. Dalcanale, S. Bonsignore, A. Du vosel:
Macrocyclic Tetramers Having Columnar Tridimensional Mesophases
US 4,918,217 (filed 17.4.1990). Priority 21.7.1987 (IT 1,222,085). EP 300,800; JP 1,825,738.
2. E. Dalcanale:
Process for the Preparation of 2-Alkylcyclopent-2-enones
US 4,673,759 (filed 16.6.1987). Priority 5.3.1985 (IT 1,200,400). EP 194,144.
1. E. Dalcanale, G. Bottaccio, S. Campolmi, F. Montanari:
Process for Oxidizing Aldehydes to Carboxylic Acids
US 4,549,025 (filed 22.10.1985). Priority 16.12.1983 (IT 1,169,697). EP 146,373.